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  • May Half Term no classes
    Week beginning Mon 27th - no classes
  • Learn the most popular form in the world!
    Free session in Downton Wed 11th Sept 2019
  • Tai Chi partner work for the more active!
    Free session in Salisbury Thurs 12th Sept 2019
  • 108 Long Form weekend
    19th to 21st July - very special!
  • Prefer Private Lessons?
    Study directly with Patrick or Jane.

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Tai Chi interActive, Salisbury

Tai Chi interActive, Salisbury

Tai Chi interActive

postcard front interActive

with Patrick Foley

Use mindful connection work to:

  • Develop a deep and instinctive body awareness
  • Learn to be comfortable in the space around you
  • Build on your ability to accept and handle force when it comes your way
  • Be calm and find balance within all aspects of your life

FREE Session on 12th Sept 2019 when you register

Starting September 2019 in Salisbury, Tai Chi interActive is taught as a course of 20 weekly sessions which comprise a 45 min warmup session learning basic principles of movement, followed by just over an hour of partner-based training.

You can also enjoy Tai Chi interActive as a half day weekend workshop series (venue to be advised), which will give you a more immersive, stamina-building approach to the content. The course will be taught as a series of 6 sessions of 3 hours each, including warmups, which will run every 2 or 3 weeks on a Saturday or Sunday. Let us know if you are interested in this format.

What is Tai Chi interActive?

Tai Chi or Taijiquan - supreme ultimate boxing - is much more than a way to defend yourself. It is also a way to understand yinyang - the intrinsic quality of the universe that balances the interactions between all things, including of course interactions between ourselves. Taijiquan is not about aggression or assertiveness; it is also not about submission or complacency - neither of these in insolation create balance. It is about finding the clearest way, the path with the most Heart, through the pressures and confusion that modern life often presents us with.

Costs (from 19th Sept)

6.30pm to 8.30pm: £265 for 20 weeks, payable in week 1 (£135) and week 11 (£130).
Warmup session only 6.30pm to 7.15pm: this is open to all as a drop in class for £7 per session, but is included in the 20 week course fee.

Register early online or by email or phone, to avoid disappointment and help us guarantee that this course will run.
Zero deposit registration until end August.

Payment for either course is required in advance for the course (in 2 installments) and is non refundable - this is a progressive study course and we require your regular attendance and commitment.

Event Properties

Event Date Thu 12th Sep 2019 - 6:30 pm
Individual Price Register for free session on 12th Sept
Location Salisbury, St Osmund's School

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