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Yang Style Tai Chi

For those looking to practice taiji at a more active or recreational level the 5 section taijjiquan curriculum created by Master Sam Masich is ideal as it introduces the art in a principled way. If practitioners are eager for partner work they might play with the two person forms combined with sensing-hands and sensing-sword work. For those nervous about partner forms or who have had bad experiences with taiji push-hands, the jue-shou approach to connection and movement-through-relaxation can be perfect for breaking down barriers.

Classes and workshops run throughout the year, except on bank holidays and special times like Easter, August holidays and Christmas. Check our home page for the latest information on when we are not teaching.

Yang Style Tai Chi, Salisbury

In 2018 we will begin teaching the partner form, which is an ideal vehicle for learning how to be sensitive to connections with another person - improving your ability to deal with complex interactions in everyday life as well as improving your Tai Chi solo form work.

This is a tai chi course run in weekly classes of sequential and progressive learning and includes a warmup set, main teaching session and finishes with student led practice with questions. It is based on Yang style Tai Chi.

If you want a much simpler tai chi-qigong exercise class without sequential learning, which is always open to beginners, we also run part of this class as a drop-in, from 6.30-7.15pm. Cost £6 per session.

Classes will run on our standard 5 session block system, but we also welcome beginners to a 45min Tai Chi Qigong warmup at the start of each session.

Thursdays St Osmunds School, Salisbury:
6.30 - 7.15pm Tai Chi Qigong warmup (beginners welcome at £6).
7.15 - 8.30pm Yang Tai Chi form and student practice. 

£45 for 5x1.25hr sessions at 7.15pm
£65 to include 45 min Qigong warmup session at 6.30pm

Individual Price £45.00
Salisbury, St Osmund's School
St Osmund's Primary School, via Carmelite Way
Salisbury, St Osmund's School
Yang Style Workshop - Downton

This is a special workshop for our existing students studying the Yang style 5 Section partner form, to get a chance to practise with other students before the start of the Summer break. We also welcome students who are studying partner sword to take part.

This is considered a self-practise session where we will be available for questions and support.  

Afternoon session 12pm to 3.30pm £30



Event Date Sat 14th Jul 2018 - 12:00 pm
Individual Price £30.00
Downton, Memorial Hall
Downton Memorial Hall , The Borough
Downton, Memorial Hall