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Yang Baduanjin Workshop

Yang Baduanjin Workshop

The Masich Internal Arts Method Yang-style Baduanjin (8 Silk Brocade Neigong)
Introduction and Section 1

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"Taiji Baduanjin was originally created by the Yang family as a training method for mobilising qi and training jin. Like other forms of baduanjin there are 8 sections, but the movements are not the same. It can be distingushed by its 'forging and smelting' of the sections and joints of the body and strengthening the internal organs and their way of functioning."
- Yang Taiji Real Power, Sun Yizhao 

Following cancellation of our workshops during the COVID-19 lockdown, we can now offer this study as online videos and live sessions.  Open to all newcomers, this is currently a FREE online session available to all, with donations accepted.

Once registered, you will be invited to join a Zoom session, which you can diary for each session. You can attend as much or little of the session as you wish.

Each session is 120 mins - you can also join 15 mins before to setup your camera etc.  

To make a donation please visit our Stay Connected! page.

Event Properties

Event Date Sun 26th Jul 2020 - 2:00 pm
Individual Price Free Session. donations accepted
Location Downton, The Dragon House
This is a past event - please go to a current event.

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