Longwater Teachers - Jane

Jane Launchbury

jfl-single-whipJane has studied Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Meditation and other arts with Brian Cooper and Bruce Frantzis since 1991. She has been Patrick Foley’s partner since 1990 and together they have travelled to the Far East a number of times and studied additional forms and exercises. Jane also spent some time studying Chinese Brush Painting with a Master in Malaysia.

Jane has a natural facility for chi-energy work and is particularly interested in teaching people with health problems and those who wish to stay healthy and flexible as they get older. She qualified as a Level 2 teacher of Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung in 1996.

Jane has also illustrated a number of best-selling books and magazines and has done many years’ work in the community and voluntary sector, in recent years as both a parish and district councillor.

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