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Learning Qigong with Longwater

What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong also spelt chi gung or chi kung or neigong) is a form of gentle exercise practised to keep people healthy and reduce tension. Movements are repeated to softly stretch the body, increase fluid movement (blood, synovial and lymph) and build awareness.

The effectiveness of qigong to develop life force has been proven in China by its beneficial impact on the health of millions of people over thousands of years. Modern Western scientific trials back this up with clinical evidence.

When you practice and learn a qigong exercise there are both external movements and internal movements. It is these internal movements which make qigong a superior health and wellness practice and differentiate it from almost every other form of exercise in the West.

For most people, the most obvious benefit of qigong is an exercise system that actively promotes relaxation, stress relief, improved balance and flexibility and the relief or prevention of chronic health problems. The range of maladies that have been helped by qigong in China include cancer, internal organ ailments, poor circulation, nerve pain, back and joint problems and general physical disease.

Many physical problems are at least partially due to, or aggravated by, mental or emotional stress, so the importance of the inner tranquility developed through chi gung cannot be overestimated. The practice of qigong helps manage the mental states that unsettle you when your chi/life force is not regulated and balanced.

Qigong is also useful on the spiritual level. Feeling the energy of your body makes it possible for you to access the energy of your thoughts and emotions, and for those who also want to explore a path of meditation this can ultimately lead to comprehending the energy of the spirit. Qigong is practiced by people of all spiritual and religious persuasions.

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Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

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The 18 move Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong movements are traditionally performed with music and are relaxing and easy to follow. In our evening classes Shibashi is taught with a focus on being a useful foundation for learning a tai chi form with us. In our other day time drop-in sessions, the movements can be adapted to suit each class.

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Dragon and Tiger Qigong

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Dragon and Tiger is a 1500 year old form of health qigong, primarily used as a form of self-healing, or preventative exercise. It is also one of the best methods for learning how to feel your energy body.

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Five Seasons Qigong

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Learn how to integrate qigong practices into your normal busy life whilst staying in harmony with the seasons. Let the naturally changing energies of nature nourish and guide your mind, body and spirit. For the first time, we will be teaching a series of 'immersion' weekend workshops that span the year and its seasons. Discover and embody ancient practices that were created to naturally resonate with the energies of the Earth through its annual cycle.

Much of Chinese culture and philosophy is based on 5 seasons and their tradition also works with 5 elements. During each of the 5 Seasons of the year, we aim to bring you the best practices to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for that seasonal phase. If you attend all the workshops, you will have learnt 5 beneficial sets of practices to help you integrate your lifestyle with the core energies of nature.

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Yang Family BaDuanJin

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"Taiji Baduanjin was originally created by the Yang family as a training method for mobilising qi and training jin. Like other forms of baduanjin there are 8 sections, but the movements are not the same. It can be distingushed by its 'forging and smelting' of the sections and joints of the body and strengthening the internal organs and their way of functioning."
- Yang Taiji Real Power, Sun Yizhao 

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Energy Arts Neigong

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Both Patrick and Jane are certified insructors of Bruce Frantzis' Energy Arts core neigong program. These days, the term 'neigong' is inter-changable with 'qigong', though it tends to signify a deeper more holistic approach to internal body work. These practices are for those who are serious about learning tai chi, qigong or any form of energy work. They teach the fundamentals of how to activate and harness Qi, your life-force energy, to improve health, reduce stress and generally upgrade your body and mind.

The core programme we are qualitfied to teach includes:

Alhough we do not actively teach the Energy Arts Neigong system much these days, it is fully integrated into our other teachings.

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