Longwater Teachers - Patrick

Patrick Foley


Patrick began his exploration of Tai Chi in the late 1980's, after 5 years of judo, jujitsu and karate training with 8th Dan judo sensei Joe Robinson. Unfortunately competition training had left him with two very damaged knees, and he was told to drop all contact sports. In 1991 Patrick joined Tai Chi teacher Brian Cooper's Brighton class (Inside Tai Chi) and has been practising under his guidance ever since.

Originally learning Rose Lee's version of the Yang long form with Brian, Patrick was then introduced to lineage-holder Bruce Frantzis (Energy Arts), on whose methods Brian had decided to focus his teachings. From 1993 to the present, Patrick has based his practice on Bruce's very undiluted teachings, handed down from Taoist lineage master and sage Liu Hung Chieh - to name but one of his illustrious teachers. He has studied the Wu-style short and long forms, Taoist Nei Gung, Push Hands and Bagua. He has also studied various other Tai Chi and Chi Gung styles, including Fan Form, with teachers in Malaysia.

Patrick began teaching in 2004 and is a registered instructor of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and certified Energy Arts instructor of Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung (Level 1), Heaven and Earth Qigong (Level 2), Tai Chi Circling Hands Qigong (Level 2), Wu style short form (Level 2) and Wu style long form (Level 2). He also studies with Sam Masich, learning the traditional Yang style Tai Chi curriculum, and Dr Paul Lam, studying Sun style Tai Chi for Arthritis.

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