Online Class - Tai Chi 24 Step

Online Class - Tai Chi 24 Step

Colleagues talk to each other on the computer screen. Conference video call, working from home.

From 30th June to 28th July 2021 this session will run as an Intensive training of the Yang short form, which is available to anyone wanting to learn the form from the beginning.

This is currently a FREE online session available to all of our students who have registered for the Stay Connected! video library. PASSWORD REQUIRED TO REGISTER! If you are not a member of our Stay Connected video library, please complete our new student form here.

Each session is 80 mins - you can also join 15 mins before to setup your camera etc.  

This session focus: 5 Section Solo Hand Form (a.k.a. Foundation 24 Step)
This class led by Patrick Foley.

Once registered, you will be invited to join a recurring Zoom session (see details), which you can diary for every week. You can attend as much or little of the session as you wish.

To make a donation please visit our Stay Connected! page.

About the Exercises

The Masich Internal Arts Method (MIAM) Five Section Taijiquan program material is designed to be flexible and fun, ideal for beginners to get a well grounded introduction to traditional Tai Chi, who may then decide to take on the more difficult challenges of the full curriculum. It is also possible within this curriculum to just focus on one aspect of Tai Chi that you are particularly interested in, e.g. solo sword, without having to commit to learning other more challenging aspects like partner work.

Using Zoom Meetings

Zoom is free to use - when you receive a meeting invitation by email, you can easily sign in for the session by clicking on the 'Join' link, up to 15 minutes before the lesson start time. You can join a meeting by using any browser, but we recommend you install the app when prompted, as it is more reliable. If you are joining directly from the app or browser, enter in the meeting number and password you were sent, and the email it was sent to. Once connected, you can join in with the class, see all your classmates, ask questions, chat with others as well as us, and many other great features which we can start to use as we get more used to using the new medium.

Tips for video meetings

  • If at all possible always use the meetings app on your computer or device - it’s much more reliable than a browser. 
  • Check your background - try to avoid having strong light behind you. 
  • If you want to be seen clearly (e.g. so we can correct you) use contrasting clothing to your background. 
Please save these links if you want to find out more about Zoom or WebEx:

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Event Properties

Event Date Wed 9th Jun 2021 - 11:30 am
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free Session - Donations accepted
Location Downton, The Dragon House

This is a past event - please go to a current event.