New Taster Workshops in Salisbury

Longwater teacher Jane Launchbury will be hosting two new taster workshops for beginners at Neals Yard Remedies ( in Salisbury. The workshops are 2 hours long and only cost £20, designed to you a real flavour of how Tai Chi and Qigong works and can radically benefit your heath and wellbeing.

Saturday May 31st 2014 - An introduction to Tai Chi - Qigong

Saturday July 12th 2014 -An introduction to Feeling and Moving Chi


11am - 1pm. Cost £20 per workshop

Booking is essential as places are very limited.

Student Practice Sessions

Our students are so into their studies that they have origanised their own practice sessions, usually held every last Sunday of the month in the Downton Memorial Hall. A small contribution towards the rent is all that's asked for, and you are free to practise whichever discipline you choose. It is a chance to clarify those bits you are unsure of with other students, practise what you know, explore recently acquired skills and chat to Tai Chi friends over a cup of tea.

Current booked dates are:

Sunday  11th May 10am-12pm

June 1st 10am-12pm

June 29th 10am-12pm


FORDINGBRIDGE at The Avonway this Sunday 3rd November from 10-12.

New capped rate introduced

One of the greatest pleasures we get from teaching Tai Chi and Qigong is watching a student "come of age", realise they are into the study for the long run and start to make their practice part of their daily routine. We would really like to encourage this behaviour, and give something back to you for your efforts! Starting this November, Longwater Tai Chi has introduced a new capped rate, where attendance fees per 5 week term are now fixed at £95. This means:

  • Students pay one fee at the beginning of each 5 week term (non refundable).
  • All regular classes and workshops within the period are included (one-off workshops are not included)
  • You can use the capped rate for one term and choose not to during another term, when you might be away for a week or two. Then you just pay for your classes as normal at the standard rates.

To quote our student Helen Harding,

"The capped rate has meant I've been using the classes in a different way. I can go to as many classes as I like meaning more focussed practice with lots of advice. If it wasn't for the capped rate I wouldn't have gone to the Shibashi (Waves and Clouds qigong) in Fordingbridge or the classes in Wilton. Shibashi is a lovely way to start the week with an hour of relaxation and I've also found it an excellent way to smooth out my movements and try to incorporate some of the more advanced techniques (pulsing and bending the bow). It is exciting to incorporate all the basic Tai Chi techniques into all the different classes and to feel I am making more progress. I was concerned I may be intruding in already established classes but all the groups have been so welcoming. A great way to meet like minded people."

Energy Gates Workshop

energy gates qigong

Sat 17th - Sun 18th May 2014
10am - 4.30pm
Memorial Hall, Downton
Salisbury, Wilts UK.

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