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Spring Qigong - Wilton

Spring Qigong - Wilton

Spring Growth and Gentle Extension

spring growth

Like its associated element Wood, the Spring season brings the opportunity of growth and gentle extension. The liver and gall bladder come into focus, enabling you to move towards that which you have set your heart on. When these organs are unhealthy it makes us short tempered and angry. Anger arises when we are prevented from doing what we want to do. A healthy liver can help us to respond more calmly to obstacles in our path; to smoothly adapt and change rather than getting emotionally bound and stuck.

So this is the time to return to activity, 'briskly walking and looking around' after having hibernated over winter; dispelling the stiffness and irritations we may have accumulated during the cold and dark months. The nourishing energy that we have been calmly storing can now be used and enjoyed.
In this workshop we focus on:

  • Using the correct amount of intent to start awakening your body, with the 'Seventy Percent Rule'.
  • Preparing to lengthen with a gentle spinal stretch.
  • Learning to connect lower and upper body so you can expand uniformly through the body, using the Kwa Squat.
  • Waking up the vision, both directly and peripherally, by activating the optic nerve.
  • The Marriage of Heaven and Earth - opening the body's joints, and lengthening through all the tissue, flushing the liver qi.
  • The daily meditation for the spring season.

Workshop content is largely dependent on the group dynamic and should only be used as a guide to what we may teach.

The benefits of these workshops apply to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. If you are experienced in one of the exercises we are teaching, you will have the added benefit, with our guidance, of being able to delve more deeply into its components. Each session will also to allow you to integrate the seasonal theme into your daily practice, using whatever Tai Chi or Qigong form or exercise routine you may know - irrespective of its origin.

1.5 day workshop, Sat(10am to 4.30pm) and Sun(10am-1pm). Cost £70
Sat morning 10am-1pm session. Cost £35 (please call first)

'Sink In' Sunday

Experience has shown us that Sunday is when the real work is done, where you can review and practice what we learn on the Saturday, as well as deepen your study of the components to suit your experience. This session is included in the price but you do not have to attend. You cannot attend this session if you have only come to the Sat morning session.

Event Properties

Event Date Sat 7th Apr 2018 - 10:00 am
Event End Date Sun 8th Apr 2018 - 1:00 pm
Individual Price Sat/Sun £70. Sat morning £35
Wilton, Comm Centre
Wilton Community Centre
Wilton, Comm Centre
70.00 £
We are no longer accepting registration for this event