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Autumn Qigong - Wilton

Autumn Qigong - Wilton

Autumn Gathering

As Late Summer fades away, we focus on the resonant natural energy (qi) of Autumn. Now is the time to soften, relax, let go, and quieten the body, mind and spirit. Releasing that which is no longer needed, then gathering inwards to preserve, store and contain your qi in preparation for the Winter months ahead. We observe the effortless way that nature leads the transition and enjoy the downward movement associated with the Metal element of the season. It heralds the beginning of yin in the seasonal cycle, nourishing and storing but also cutting away that which is not required: reducing, removing, decreasing. We use yin energies to help cultivate our own nature and health, balancing and storing the chi of body, mind and spirit.

The internal Taoist 'Water Method Neigong' practices that we teach in these 5 Seasons workshops are all about developing something of real value within the vessel of our bodies and within our movements. The components are there, deeply hidden within good qigong and tai chi, but the wisdom and knowledge of Neigong from Ancient China, (which gives maximum benefit to your health and wellbeing), is rarely taught in the West. It cannot be accessed just by copying external movements, which is why tai chi and qigong are known as 'internal arts'. We teach these workshops as the main vehicle for passing on our deeper knowledge and to give our students the opportunity to access valuable components to improve their tai chi and qigong.

This Autumn workshop is suitable for any of our students, including beginners. There are two of us teaching so we can split the groups where necessary. The idea is that you learn new and deeper information to put into any of the practices that you do with us, as well as learning some specific exercises in more depth.

There will be a focus on breathing, transition and storing, alongside a theme of letting go of patterns in your movements and chi that are not helpful to you.

In this workshop we will focus on:

  1. Longevity breathing, keeping the breath as deep, smooth and quiet as possible with no stopping between the in and out breaths.
  2. Balancing Qi and integrating the breath with movement.
  3. Discharging and clearing unwanted energies with Dragon And Tiger Qigong.
  4. For more advanced students we will explore Gods Playing in the Clouds Move 3.
  5. The daily meditation for the Autumn season.

Workshop content is largely dependent on the group dynamic and should only be used as a guide to what we may teach.

Suitable for all, including beginners.

Main Workshop

Saturday 10am to 4.30pm. Cost £60 / £50 if you currently attend one of our classes.
A £20 non-refundable deposit is required.

5 Seasons 'Sink-in Sundays'

On Sunday we also aim to offer an additional in-depth workshop where you can refine, develop and wire in the previous day's teachings. They will mainly on practice, drilling, Q&A and 1:1 help.

Sunday times (10am to 1pm). Special price of £20 for 3 hours or £7.50 per hour. 

Event Properties

Event Date Sat 4th Nov 2017 - 10:00 am
Individual Price Cost £60 / £50 if you currently attend our classes
Wilton, Comm Centre
Wilton Community Centre
Wilton, Comm Centre
60.00 £
We are no longer accepting registration for this event