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Five Seasons Qigong
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Spring Growth and Extension
Summer's Joyful Opening
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5 Seasons Qigong Spring - Downton

5 Seasons Qigong Spring - Downton

Live and practise qigong in harmony with the seasons. Let the changing energies of nature nourish and guide your mind, body and spirit with their timeless wisdom. For the first time, we will be teaching a series of 'immersion' weekend workshops that span the year and its seasons. Discover and embody ancient practices that were created to naturally resonate with the energies of the Earth through its annual cycle.

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Much of Chinese culture and philosophy is based on 5 seasons and their tradition also works with 5 elements. During each of the 5 Seasons of the year, we aim to bring you the best practices to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for that seasonal phase. If you attend all the workshops, you will have learnt 5 beneficial sets of practices to help you integrate your lifestyle with the core energies of nature.

  • Learn how to monitor and return your energy to balance, in tune with nature.
  • Use ancient natural wisdom to cultivate 'Lifestyle Medicine' - prevention is better than cure.
  • Improve your ability to work and interact with others by recognising and understanding seasonal changes in human energy dynamics.
  • Release negative and unhelpful emotional, mental and physical tensions and learn to tap in to the boundless, positive energies of nature.
  • Recognise, acknowledge and start to address imbalances and core issues within yourself.
  • Have fun, on a seasonal basis!
  • Find joy, peacefulness, calm, happiness and forgiveness in the Way of the Seasons.

If you cannot make all 5 workshops this year, you will still benefit from what you have learnt, and can always catch-up when we run them again next year.

The benefits of these workshops apply to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. If you are experienced in one of the exercises we are teaching, you will have the added benefit, with our guidance, of being able to delve more deeply into its components. Each session will also tto allow you to integrate the seasonal theme into your daily practice, using whatever Tai Chi or Qigong form or exercise routine you may know - irrespective of its origin.

Currently all classes are suspended - this is for information only. You can register your interest without payment so we have your details recorded.

Transition and Integration:
Spring Growth and Gentle Extension

Like its element Wood, the Spring season brings the opportunity of growth and gentle extension. The liver and gall bladder come into focus, enabling you to move towards that which you have set your heart on. When these organs are unhealthy it makes us short tempered and angry. Anger arises when we are prevented from doing what we want to do. A healthy liver can help us to respond more calmly to obstacles in our path; to smoothly adapt and change rather than getting stuck.

So this is the time to return to activity, 'briskly walking around' after having hibernated over winter; dispelling the stiffness and irritations we may have accumulated during the cold and dark months. The nourishing energy that we have been storing can now be used and enjoyed.

In this workshop, we will be paying particular attention to discovering our limits with the 70% Rule before gently creating extension in our body. We will be teaching material from the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Neigong to open the joints and spine and stretch the tissue.

  • Relieve tension in the body and mind with a soft tissue stretch.
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion.
  • Strengthen the neck, arms, legs, spine and internal organs.

Workshop content is largely dependent on the group dynamic and should only be used as a guide to what we may teach.

The benefits of these workshops apply to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Main Workshop

Sat (10am to 4.30pm) / Sun (10am to 1pm). Cost £70 for both days / £35 for the Sat Morning session only.

5 Seasons 'Sink-in Sundays'

On Sunday we offer an in-depth workshop where you can deepen your study, as well as review and practice what we learn on the Saturday - see details. You do not have to attend this session but it is included in the price.

Event Properties

Event Date Sat 27th Jun 2020 - 10:00 am
Event End Date Sun 28th Jun 2020 - 1:00 pm
Individual Price £70 / £35 Sat a.m. only
Location Downton, Memorial Hall

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