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If you have a question about what we offer or your suitability to study with us, please feel free to contact us!

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    Learn the most popular form in the World!
  • Wu and Yang style Mega weekend
    16th and 17th March day workshops.

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  • Practising in the park

    Practising in the local park
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We hope you'll enjoy watching some of our videos - they are regularly updated so please keep checking. If you have any trouble viewing them using the windows below, please go directly to our channel on youTube where you can also subscribe to updates.


Qigong / Neigong

At Longwater Tai Chi we teach several types of qigong - see our curriculm page for more details.


Tai Chi Chuan / Taijiquan

You can choose to study Yang, Wu, Chen or Sun style Tai Chi (taijiquan) with us in several different class and workshop formats.


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