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Student Quotes and Comments

Don't take our word for it - here's a few comments from our students which we hope will help you decide whether studying Tai Chi and Qigong with us is what you're looking for.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first class this week. I felt so at peace with myself afterwards and this lasted all day" - Sue, Wilton


"I would like you both to know how grateful I am that I discovered you and your classes and just what a significant part qi gong has played in my recovery over the last 3 years from what had been a very low period in my life. I really believe that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’ and I feel blessed to have benefitted from your enormous expertise, insight, awareness and your patient teachings, as well as the lovely people I’ve met through coming to your classes"
- Linda H.


"Some two years ago Barbara fell from a stool whilst cleaning our tall fridge and broke both bones in her right wrist needless to say there followed several months of recovery and discomfort. Following her recovery the hospital conducted a number of test including a DEXA scan which confirmed that Barbara had Osteoporosis and suggested that in addition to medication it would be beneficial to take up Tai Chi.

We saw and took up the offer of a taster introduction to Tai Chi run by Longwater Tai Chi in our local village community centre and from that day to this we both attend a weekly session with you, I originally only attended to support Barbara however we are both hooked and look forward to it each week.

Barbara has regained her confidence and sense of balance so is back to cleaning the fridge on her stool, Barbara is also finding that she is more relaxed and her blood pressure has returned to normal. I have also noticed that I feel more relaxed in mind and body; and have a better sense of balance as well as the ability to do more with my left hand than previously, I am naturally right-handed.

All in all we both have benefitted greatly since taking up Tai Chi. We wish you every success in the future and thank you again for all your hard and professional work." - Terence and Barbara from Ringwood


"Insightful, knowledgable and welcoming:
I came for a private lesson with Jane and it was such a great experience that I ended up attending all four group classes with Jane and Patrick over the course of two days. Jane just knew what was happening and how to get me balanced. Her intuitive approach gave me a whole new perspective on energy in my Qigong practice. Patrick’s Taichi class and his high standards were very inspiring. They both have a deep knowledge of what they are teaching and have a strong relationship with their students. They were also wonderful hosts, welcoming and flexible. I stayed in their guest house and enjoyed fantastic meals made from their garden produce, a morning walk and great conversation. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
- Susanne from Oxford


"I cannot thank you enough for the most wonderful day yesterday. It really was inspiring and relaxing, you both have such a warm teaching style and the feedback from our guests were amazing (sorry for lack of photos, I was too busy enjoying the day!)" - Tamsin Whinton, Wild Connections, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Ltd


"Thanks so much for the waves and clouds dvd. I really love doing it and it is just what I need at the moment for the arthritis and fibromyalgia. It is gentle and healing."- Madeleine


"Tai Chi classes with Patrick and Jane are enjoyable, stimulating and also relaxing. There is a definate 'buzz' for me and a real sense of achievement. They are highly qualified and very experienced leaders and their classes are structured, sequential and cumulative with opportunities to revisit moves and postures.

Like minded classmates have become good friends. This enhances the benefits I've discovered over the past few years - correct alignments, improved posture and balance and a healthy 'feel good' attitude." - Stella from Devises


"I enjoy the Qigong class run by Gina she has a very calm and patient way of teaching. The movements to music are gentle and not too repetitive, ideal for me as I have fibromyalgia. We are encouraged to work within our individual capabilities, a definate advantage for me as I can sit and still do some off the exercises.

My balance and coordination are improving, making it both physically and psychologically beneficial."

- Sharon from Ashley Heath


"Doing Tai Chi for Health, I find it not only helps with balance and coordination, but enjoy the progressive class format which has a learning and understanding of 'how' and 'why' we move the way we do." - Jenny from Verwood


"First of all I've to say a huge thanks to Longwater - they are great. When I came over from another country I was a little bit scared because of my English - but I´ve found a warm welcome and it was easy to adapt in the class.

Dragon and Tiger qui gong and taichi helped me a lot with my balance and even with problems to let go. Today I exercise every day and something is missing if I don´t do that."
- Angelika from Germany


"It's good humoured, it's physical, it's OK for oldies - and it's mind-stretching." - Roland from Coombe Bissett


"Sometimes you are so busy rushing around that you can forget what’s important in life...

I work as an Ecologist, which sounds like a nice job but I spend most of my time in front of my laptop or travelling by train to meetings. So, after years of thinking “I need to slow down. I must look into doing Tai Chi.” I feel very lucky to have found Jane and Patrick.

I have now been doing Tai Chi with them for 3 years and also go to their Dragon and Tiger Qigong classes. To say it has made a difference to my life would be an understatement. I feel more relaxed but also energised, my posture is completely different and I have a much calmer outlook on life. I also have a great bunch of new friends. I have found a real passion!"
- Jo from Downton


"Classes great - well taught. What is great is everything is explained...
.. what each and every move can do for your body. It is great for mind / body / spirit. Patrick and Jane, I enjoyand you both care - thank you." - Barry from Fordingbridge


"Thank you very much for coming into our school and teaching us Tai Chi. It was great, we all enjoyed it and we think we should start school with Tai Chi every day!" - Year 2, Downton Primary