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Welcome the Longwater Tai Chi News Feed

On this page you will find our top news stories and latest information about the school and it's teachers. We primarily teach Tai Chi (taijiquan) and Qigong as both a relaxing, enjoyable exercise and a traditional highly structured art. On one hand, the slow, meditative movements are practised by millions of people for their proven health benefits; on the other traditional taijiquan can provide you with robust fitness and ability to connect with others at many levels.


A great opportunity to discover the true core concepts of traditional taijiquan

spring workshop 2019 02

We are please to be able to share news about our teacher Master Sam Masich's first book - check out the youTube video above!

"A hybrid of encyclopedic dictionary, textbook, and martial arts memoir, Foundations of Traditional Taijiquan could be the one-stop reference and teaching tool that teachers and students of taijiquan have been waiting for."
- Douglas Wile, Ph.D., Professor of Chinese Language and Literature, Brooklyn College, author of Lost T’ai-chi Classics of the Late Ch’ing Dynasty.

spring workshop 2019 02

Avonway Community Centre, 36 Shaftesbury St, Fordingbridge SP6 1JF

We hope to return to Fordingbridge for day and/or evening classes

We are very excited to announce our plans to run regular mini-workshops in Fordingbridge, teaching Qigong and Tai Chi, led by Longwater teacher Gina Davenport.

avonway open day 01

avonway open day 02

Gina recently attended the Avonway Open Day, which showcased the activities available at the venue and in Fordingbridge generally. There was a good attendance and many enthusiastic sign-ups for a new Tai Chi class at the venue; we hope to respond soon!

Need to know more? Contact Gina on ‭07792 979039‬ or email her at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

spring workshop 2019 02

Michael Mosley says - "Try Tai Chi"

If you’re looking to add more exercise into your lifestyle why not consider Tai Chi. Michael Mosley speaks to Dr. Parco Siu from the University of Hong Kong, who has been studying the health benefits of Tai Chi for over a decade. His research has revealed that Tai Chi can lead to faster brain benefits than other exercises. He also found that Tai Chi was as effective as conventional exercise like moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or muscle strengthening activities for reducing body weight and visceral fat!

Check out the BBC Sounds podcast here.

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Protect yourself in this tough times and stay healthy!

Maybe now's the time to make a fresh start and get back to some regular Tai Chi and Qigong practice - after all, it has been proven by numerous studies to benefit your health and wellbeing.

You can register from the 'CLASSES' menu on the web site or directly from these links:

RINGWOOD: Qigong and Yang Tai Chi

WILTON: Qigong and Wu Tai Chi

DOWNTON MEMORIAL HALL: Qigong and Yang Tai Chi

DOWNTON DRAGON HOUSE: Zoom sessions and live mediation

spring workshop 2019 02

Immerse yourself in Tai Chi!

It can be very beneficial to immerse yourself in a subject, to give yourself more time to absorb an intricate flow of thought or feeling. Both Jane and Patrick spent many years studying with their teachers in the workshop format, and both gained many benefits from that committment. Longwater Tai Chi provides regular full-day weekend workshops in two formats, to suit your interests:

  • SATURDAYS - Yang style curriculum topics
  • SUNDAYS - Mixed topics with Qigong in the mornings

You do not need to have any experience for many of our workshop topics, and you may attend part of all the the day depending on the topics you are interested in.
See our workshop diary for more details. 

Prefer something more exclusive? Try a private lesson!

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  • Year of the Dragon 2024

    The Year of the Wood Dragon. These times call for courage, boldness, and energy or determination, guided by intuition.

  • Summer '24 in Winchester

    Hosted by Longwater Tai Chi teachers Patrick Foley and Jane Launchbury, we invite you to join Master Sam Masich and top teachers from around the world for two special events in August 2024, at Sparsholt College, Winchester. Click for more.

  • Foundations of Traditional Tajiquan

    Check out Master Sam Masich's new book on youTube. We have been studying with Sam for 14 years now and teach much of his curriculum in our classes and workshops.

  • Stay Connected! Video Library

    Tai Chi and Qigong practices are a great way to keep healthy and focused on the positive. Originally created during the Covid isolation crisis, our Stay Connected! online video library is available to anyone who is regularly attending our classes or registers with us online (charges may apply to some of the libraries).

  • Our Most Popular Class

    Our most popular classes are called "Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi", practised by millions throughout the world. The movements are performed with music and are relaxing and easy to follow. Suitable for beginners and experienced students alike.

  • Join us at a Workshop

    It can be very beneficial to immerse yourself in a subject; to give yourself more time to absorb an intricate flow of thought or feeling. Longwater Tai Chi provides monthly full-day weekend workshops in Qigong and Tai Chi, as well as short two-hour sessions.

  • What is Tai Chi?

    Unlike most forms of modern Western exercise, Tai Chi makes it possible for you to achieve vibrant health and assist healing through correct body alignments and low-impact movements. It works for all ages and levels of

  • What our students say

    Don't take our word for it - check out a few comments from our students which we hope will help you decide whether studying Tai Chi and Qigong with us is what you're looking for.

  • Book a private lesson

    Studying one-to-one with a Longwater teacher gives you a fast track method of progressing in your practices. Lessons are available online or in person at our home studio. We also offer small group lessons in the studio for up to 3 people.