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Jane and Patrick Foley teach Tai Chi as a relaxing, enjoyable exercise. Its slow, meditative movements are practised by millions of people for their proven health benefits. We both switched from successful careers to spread our love of Tai Chi. Between us we have nearly 50 years of experience in the art. We teach regular classes and workshops in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset UK and sometimes further afield.

We have a broad curriculum and teach Tai Chi, its ancient sister art Qigong, and Meditation in various ways to suit different levels of interest and ability. Read more about our current classes and workshops. If you are a beginner and want to know what might suit you best, please visit our beginners page or contact us.

We also still regularly attend both local and international events with our teachers Bruce Frantzis, Sam Masich, Brian Cooper and Dr Paul Lam.

What is Tai Chi?

World Tai Chi Day, Southampton

Unlike aerobics and most forms of modern Western exercise, Tai Chi steadily teaches you how it is possible to achieve vibrant health and assist healing through correct body alignments and low-impact movements. It is based most importantly on moderation, known as the 70% Rule. The internal health aspects of Qigong (subtle energy 'Qi' work, pronounced chee gong) practised alone or within Tai Chi can help relieve physical, emotional and mental tension and stress and pave the way to self-healing, reducing your dependence on the overburdened health service. We believe that the way we teach Tai Chi is safe for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Longwater Tai Chi holds regular classes and workshops in Wilton, Salisbury and Downton in Wiltshire, Fordingbridge in Hampshire and Verwood, St Ives and St Leonard's in Dorset. We also teach private lessons and small groups at our studio in Downton plus some specialist groups, corporate sessions and groups in new areas, by arrangement.

The different ways in which we teach our curriculum are designed to suit your interest and commitment, from taster sessions, weekly drop-in classes; weekend, day, half day or mini workshops, to regular short form, long form, qigong and meditation courses for those who want a more challenging or long-term commitment.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us for more information on 01725 514546.

Free Event - Tai Chi and Nature

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We are teaming up with Wiltshire Wildife Trusts' Wild Connections project onn 28th June 2016 to offer a free workshop at Landford Lakes, introducing some of the ancient concepts of mindful movement. You will be introduced to the basic principles of Tai Chi movement through body alignment, balance, relaxation, connection, breath and mindfulness. Suitable for complete beginners.

Wild Connections, a new project of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and funded by the Heritage lottery fund. The aims of Wild Connections are to enable people of all ages from a variety of different backgrounds to enjoy, connect with, learn about, and care for their local nature and natural heritage. We want to make our nature reserves appeal to as many people in Wiltshire as possible and one of the ways we are doing this is by hosting a number of events aimed at many different people with varied interests.

Please book direct with the organisers - more details to follow soon.

wilts wildlife   lotto funded

World Tai Chi Day at Cuckoo Fair

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Longwater Tai Chi celebrated World Tai Chi and Qigong Day this year at the Downton Cuckoo Fair, with a demonstration of some of what we teach. The event was attended by some 20,000 people and we really enjoyed talking to some of the visitors about what we do. Many thanks too to all our students who helped out.

World Tai Chi Day is an annual event held the last Saturday of April each year to promote the related disciplines of T'ai chi ch'uan and Qigong in nearly eighty countries, with participants all perfoming at the same time across the time zones. To find out more click here.

Interested in facts?

Health-specific Tai Chi and Qigong can be easy to learn, generally beginning to be effective as soon as you start practising. These are exercises that can be started safely when you are older, with no restriction on improvement as you age, offering true health capital growth.

A general resource for how Tai Chi can benefit health. 

Get healthy fast - in slow motion!


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Students write...

What our students say...

"Tai Chi classes with Patrick and Jane are enjoyable, stimulating and also relaxing."

"I have rheumatoid arthritis, do Waves and Clouds Qigong. I find this helps with my balance, joint mobility, is an enjoyable exercise I can do without any strain."

"Sometimes you are so busy rushing around that you can forget what’s important in life..."