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Gina Davenport Longwater Tai Chi

Gina Davenport practiced ballet for twelve years, before moving onto karate in her teens and early twenties. Following a knee injury sustained during karate practice, she kept trying to regain her karate fitness, but eventually switched to aerobics classes. Unfortunately, this still led into a cycle of aggravating old injuries followed by periods of recovery time.

Having spent many years in the construction industry working on building sites, Gina looked for a practical solution to solve this cycle of injury and recovery and finally decided to try a form of exercise that was kinder to her body.

In 2008 she started Wu style tai chi and quickly added qigong and meditation to her practices. She has found the exploration of these arts to not only be fun, but provide mental stimulation, an insight into body awareness and numerous health benefits. Since starting tai chi, the knee injury problems have not reoccurred and there have been not been any breaks in training due to old injuries reappearing.

Gina has trained with Jane and Patrick since 2008 and continues to do so, learning also from Master Bruce Frantzis and his senior teachers and is a qualified Level 1 instructor Dragon and Tiger Qigong. In addition, she has qualified in Dr Paul Lam's system of 'Tai Chi for Arthritis.'

For eight years Gina volunteered delivering Meals on Wheels to the elderly and has also co-run Duke of Edinburgh schemes, training young people for their expeditions. Gina works as a fully qualified reflexologist and believes that her qigong training has helped her to become more adept in this field.

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